Road Runner Daily Freebie

Daily FreebieIn our ongoing effort to delight customers, we have introduced what we call the “Daily Freebie”. One lucky customer chosen at random everyday receives a special freebie with their delivery. This could range from an extra scoop of ice cream with your order, a free delivery or even some Road Runner memorabilia. Keep smiling & keep ordering!

How many of you have been lucky enough to receive our Daily Freebie so far? Let us know in the comments below.

About RoadRunner


Road Runner is the easiest way to get delivery for anything in Lahore. We are the pioneers in hyper local logistics in Pakistan, taking care of all your local delivery needs. For individuals Road Runner provides a hassle free service giving you the ease and convenience of ordering in from any store, restaurant, business, merchant or street address in Lahore. For businesses Road Runner provides a cost effective, reliable logistics solution to meet all their local delivery needs. We are your on demand delivery partner!